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This is a hobby website dedicated to the theme of "Airports on Stamps & Postal Stationery".

As someone that has traveled frequently over the years, I have seen my share of airports in the US and around the world (mostly Europe & the Caribbean).   As a stamp collector, this has provided me with the interest to collect stamps and postal stationery with the theme of "airports".   

Later I added "airport departure tax" stamps to the collection as well.

Airports (outside of the USA) that I have flown into/out of include:

  • Europe: Zürich (Switzerland); Manchester (England); Frankfurt (Germany); London; Luxembourg; Hannover (Germany) and Reykjavik (Iceland)
  • Canada: Toronto
  • Caribbean:  US Virgin Islands; San Juan (Puerto Rico); St. Vincent; Barbados; Jamaica; Trinidad; Curacao; St. Kitts; Cancun (Mexico); Bermuda (ok, it's technically in the Atlantic, not the Caribbean); and both airports on St. Lucia.

It took several weeks of combing through various stamp catalogs to find stamps that commemorate or depict airports.   Later I discovered that there were also many postal stationery envelopes, aerogrammes & postal cards that depict airports, as well as "revenue" (ie: "airport departure tax") stamps.   At latest count I have a list of over:

  • 598 stamps (single stamps or sets)
  • 33 souvenir sheets
  • 46 revenue stamps (but there are many more!)
  • 84 postal stationery envelopes
  • 25 aerogrammes 
  • 31 postal cards

This is by far the most comprehensive list of airport stamps & postal stationery available (and the only one that provides illustrations of the actual stamps).   I have also provided this list to the American Topical Association, and if you are a member of this organization, you can obtain a copy from them, but it is only a text listing (or from me; see the "CD-ROM" link to the left)..  

For me to include a stamp or postal stationery item in my collection, it has to either mention the airport, or show some aspect of the airport, such as a control tower, terminal building or runway.

Shown at top is the JF Mitchell Airport located on Bequia Island (one of the islands in the Grenadines of St. Vincent chain in the Caribbean, several miles south of the main island).   This is a very small airport and can only accomadate small propeller or turbo-prop airplanes.   I did visit Bequia Island in 1993 and 2007, however, I got there on a ferry from the main island of St. Vincent.

--> Please note that this site is "in progress".  I will be adding more information and scans as time goes on.  Please be sure to check back frequently!    In the meantime, click on the "CD-ROM" link to the left if you are interested in obtaining a reference CD with scans of all "airports on stamps & postal stationery" items currently in my collection.

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